Put Your Website In Your Fans Pocket

We support most major content feeds and are adding new partners to our platform every day.  After setting up your mobile app, you can continue publishing content through your existing channels and we’ll take care of mobile distribution in a single user experience.

Structure your feeds into categories, promote certain categories on your home screen, and build a full featured browsing app for your users.

Users can comment, like and share your content to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare with links that lead back to your website and help build traffic.

Tell your fans about your app during shows and live appearances, interviews, etc. Create pocket-size cards that promote your app, hand these cards out and have them available at your merch table.

Include your app in your online store, linking fans to iTunes for download.




Smartphones with built-in GPS capabilities have opened a new dimension of staying connected.

All apps are now local and all services should offer locally relevant content to their users. AMAS mobile allows you to:

  • Create custom local categories
  • Tag locations with custom information
  • Promote local businesses to your users
  • Allow user-generated venue comments, reviews,     photos, game mechanics (badges)
  • Offer maps.






What is a community without events? AMAS’s mobile platform let’s you create event listings that your users are interested in and more:

  • users can check out who is at the event
  • you can organize events and invite friends
  • promote events for your partners (pizza Tuesday, wine tasting, etc.)
  • Allow user-generated event content: shouts, photos, checkins (and badges)
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, etc.






Finally, since you will be maintaining a community that uses your app on a daily basis, you want to display all the action in an easy-to-understand interface.

We’ve been building mobile apps for years and have taken everything we’ve learned about mobile communities to design our best-of-breed mobile community page:

  • Post status updates (shouts), photos, checkins, comments
  • New event announcements
  • Friends, messages, invitiations
  • Ability to switch from public to friends-only mode


Add exclusive music to your app that can’t be heard anywhere else. This will be huge motivation for fans to get your app.


AMAS apps are available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android devices (OS 2.2 or later), and Blackberry touch screen phones web based (HTML5). Apps are currently distributed through the iTunes store, the Google Play (Android), and your website.

HTML5_Logo_512AMAS_QRCodeAs an added bonus we’ve packaged our web based apps (HTML5) with QR code icons for you to place on merch, CD jackets, flyers, and practically anywhere. This specially encoded barcode enables fans to scan the icon wherever they see it, and instantly link into your app without having to downloading it to their mobile device.


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